The data is in the following format

Comment label

Intha padam vantha piragu yellarum Thala ya kondaduvanga positive

Tamil-English: 15744 comments, Train: 11,335 Validation: 1,260 and Test: 3,149

Malayalam-English: 6,739 comments, Train: 4,851 Validation: 541 and Test: 1,348

We present Tamil-English and Malayalam-English, a dataset of YouTube video comments. The dataset contains all the three types of code-mixed sentences -- Inter-Sentential switch, Intra-Sentential switch and Tag switching. Most comments were written in Roman script with either Tamil / Malayalam grammar with English lexicon or English grammar with Tamil / Malayalam lexicon. Some comments were written in Tamil / Malayalam script with English expressions in between.

Trail data

Training and Development data

Test data

Test data with labels

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More details about the dataset are in the papers "A Sentiment Analysis Dataset for Code-Mixed Malayalam-English" and "Corpus Creation for Sentiment Analysis in Code-Mixed Tamil-English Text"